Kilmainham Gaol on Lockdown

Internal Courtyard 

In this video we visit the internal courtyard in the West Wing. It originally contained the condemned cells of prisoners awaiting execution, but in the 1840s this building was replaced by prison kitchens.


Prison Laundry

This video takes us to the former laundry in the West Wing of the Gaol where we explore the experiences of 19th century women prisoner.


Prison Yards

Here we visit some of the exercise yards including a yard used by female criminal prisoners, female debtors and the largest exercise yard in the Gaol.


The Cumann na mBan Corridor (part 1)

In the first of this series, we look at a corridor on the top floor of the West Wing which contains some of the most spectacular graffiti created by women prisoners during the Civil War. In this video we concentrate on Cecilia Gallagher and the ‘weather diary’ she kept on the wall of her cell.


The Cumann na mBan Corridor (part 2)

This video features some of the most spectacular graffiti in Kilmainham Gaol which is located in a cell once occupied by Brigid O’Mullane.


The Cumann na mBan Corridor (part 3)

This cell features a series of fascinating mottos in Irish and English which were painted on the walls by female republican prisoners during the Civil War.


The Cumann na mBan Corridor (part 4)

This video visits one of the most surprising corridors in Kilmainham Gaol.


The East Wing Basement  (Part 1)

Here we explore the kitchens, store rooms, laundries and punishment cells located in the basement of the 1860s East Wing.


The East Wind Basement (Part 2)

In second part of our exploration of the East Wing basement, we delve a little further and enter the area beneath the 1790s central block.


Stonebreaker’s Yard

This special video for Easter Sunday was made in Stonebreaker’s Yard where the leaders of the 1916 Rebellion were executed.